• Question: Was all of the studding and hard working worth getting to your job ?

    Asked by AmyG to Naziyah, Namrah, John, Joanna, Hester, Gosia, Ed, Adriana on 19 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Ed Chester

      Ed Chester answered on 19 Mar 2021:

      absolutely. one of the things that is quite hard to come to terms with though is as soon as you reach some level, everything you did before becomes less important. once you get 2 “levels ahead”, what you did before really doesn’t matter. you have to reconcile yourself that all the effort and study and projects and everything is part of the journey. learning and doing things you don’t think you want to can have a lot of value when you least expect it.

    • Photo: Hester Baird

      Hester Baird answered on 19 Mar 2021:

      Yes, definitely. When I was at school, I knew I had subjects I liked and subjects I didn’t, but the topics those subjects covered were still quite broad. By spending several years studying and working, I have now been able to narrow down exactly what subject area I find most interesting, which meant I was able to find a job that I knew I would that I enjoy!

    • Photo: Namrah Habib

      Namrah Habib answered on 19 Mar 2021:

      Definitely! Studying and even working can be quite hard and demanding at times but I am really happy to have persevered. I found a subject that I love to study and it doesn’t seem like work to me but rather I’m trying to solve problems for something I really enjoy. I wouldn’t have been able to get here without all the hard work I put in at school!